Frequently asked questions

  • Should I get a massage?

    There are many reasons to get a massage. As such, there are many types of massage, one which is perfect for you. However, there are also reasons not to get a massage. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

    • If you are ill or beginning to feel ill (example: Cold or Flu), we suggest you wait until after the acute stage.
    • If you have a fever, wait until after your temperature has returned to the normal range.
    • If you has just undergone chemotherapy treatment in the past few days.
    • If you have a blood clot or disorder that subjects you to clot easily.
    • If you have open wounds such as cuts, abrasions or burns.
    • If you have liver or kidney disease.
    • If you have a communicable skin condition such as poison ivy or warts.
    • If you have varicose veins.
    • If you have a sprain in a bone.

    Please keep in mind these are generally contraindications for massage. However, it is best to consult with your doctor. If your doctor feels a massage would be beneficial, have your doctor write a prescription for massage. This will indicate that the doctor agrees massage would be beneficial for you along with reducing the cost of your massage (providing a doctor referral allows me to treat this a a medical process and not charge sales tax on the service).

    Will the massage be painful?

    General massage should never be extremely painful. However, there is a certain level of discomfort one can experience especially with tight/sore muscles, trigger points and other medical conditions. If you were to put it on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being more painful, your pain level should never go above a seven. But keep in mind that some conditions require deeper or prolonged massage on areas that may be sensitive. Although it is my responsibility as your massage therapist to check with you on pressure, it is also the your responsibility to report any discomfort. We will work through the process together.

    Do I need to be completely undressed?

    This depends as much on you as it does the type of massage you select. For instance, if you are receiving a chair massage, you will always remain fully clothed. If you are receiving a table massage, you are in complete control. As with pressure, you should never be made to feel uncomfortable during a massage. Therefore, if you decide to remain fully clothed that is your option. However, if you wish to undress completely, that is your option along with anything in between.

    If I decide to undress, will the therapist be in the room with me?

    No. Once we complete the intake process (answering some questions about your health, etc.) I'll show you the table, I will leave the room to allow you to get undressed in private. Although I will remind you just before leaving the room, once undressed you should proceed to the table, slip between the sheets and cover yourself as best you can.

    If I decide to undress, will I be exposed during the massage?

    As noted in the previous answer, you slip between the sheets before the massage starts. I will only uncover the part of the body being worked-on, then re-drape before moving to the next part of your body. I will also be very careful when having you turn over so that you remain securely draped the entire time. Again, the goal is to keep you comfortable. If at any time you feel too exposed, please communicate that to me. As a side note, in some therapy settings, clients working with a massage therapist of the same gender may have an experience of being less modestly draped. Although completely acceptable I prefer to keep you fully draped unless you request otherwise.

    Does the level of disrobe play a part in the massage?

    Yes. Naturally clothes protect us. Therefore, if you are clothed during the massage, it may not feel as deep as you might expect. Nevertheless, the goal is your comfort.

    What if I'm overweight, have scars, body disfigurements, tattoos or other things that make me feel uncomfortable?

    I am a professional. I do not impose any personal ideas or views on you or your body. Furthermore, your privacy is important to me and I will never divulge information about you without your consent. As a matter of fact, due to my view on ethics and privacy, I will not even publicly acknowledge you as a client if we were to meet in a public or private space outside of the massage setting. However, if you decide to approach, greet me, and acknowledge our professional relationship, I will gladly return the kindness.

    Can I talk or should I remain quiet during my massage?

    That is completely up to you. If you find it more comfortable to talk during the massage session, I will gladly listen. However, I do recommend remaining quiet during massage as it is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and gain some balance back in your life. Whichever you choose, I will gladly support your decision.

    What parts of my body might be massaged?

    Again, this depends on your comfort level. A full-body massage generally covers your neck, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, ankles, feet, knees, fingers, arms, shoulders, face, ears and head. During the intake process, communicate your concerns on areas you wish me to avoid.

    What if I become uncomfortable during the massage and want to stop the massage?

    Both you and I always retain the "right of refusal". That means that you may ask me to stop the massage at any time.  It also means that I may also stop the massage if I become uncomfortable.  However, keep in mind that you will be charged for the complete session if you decide to stop the massage.

    What kind of music will be played during the massage? Can I bring my own music?

    I play soft relaxing music in most cases designed specifically and scientifically for relaxation and/or massage. However, you are completely welcome to bring in your favorite CD and I will be glad to play it during our session.

    What type of massage lubricant is used?

    I use Sacred Earth Botanicals Massage Cream. It is an unscented vegan massage cream that has many organic ingredients and does not contain many of the harsh chemicals you may find in other massage lubricants.

    What happens after the massage is complete?

    I will again leave the room to allow you the privacy to re-dress. Once you have re-dressed, exit the room and come to the lobby area where I will be waiting with water. I will then process any fees for the service.

    Should I provide a tip/gratuity to my therapist?

    That choice is completely up to you. Tips are appreciated, but never expected or required.